JEVN Networked Vendors System

JEVN is a system of networked vendors that allows you to set up your vendors around SL, connect them to a server and update them from a single location thus simplifying the task of managing and updating the list of items you sell.

Apart from the standard features listed below, a numebr of add-ons for special needs are available.


Main features:

* selling

† - every JEVN server can hold more than 200 items

† - up to 90 vendors can be registered to one JEVN server

† - vendors can split incomes among up to four owners both in percentage and fixed amount

† - items can be sold at full price or at discounted price (three type of discount are supported: group discount, vendor discount, server discount)

† - item prices can be automtically adjusted according to the L$/USD exchange rate you specify

† - items can be categorized to be included or excluded from the vendors selling set

† - the JEVN system can manages and sell no-copy and limited edition items

† - all JEVN vendors take advantage of the fastpay feature

† - items can be paid for by First Meta Card accounts (integration package is available separately)

* usablility

† - easy to setup. With a few simple operations your network of vendors is up and working

† - automatic vendors update

† - notecard based configuration

† - menu and/or chat based user interface

† - checks for missing or misspelt items

† - working status leds

† - automatic scripts update. No loss of data during script upgrade

† - efficient memory management: no wasted memory, no duplicated records

† - floating text on vendors can be turned on and off or set to autohide mode

† - whisper from vendors can be muted

† - various display options available on vendors

† - very efficient and optimized use of Sim resources. JEVN vendors cause very little or NO LAG at all


* reporting

† - complete sale logs can be periodically (or on low memory) e-mailed to five different e-mail addresses

† - keeps track of the total sales for every vendor


* secure

† - server and vendors are password protected

† - encripted communication


* advanced network management

† - automatic retry of faulty communications between server and vendors

† - from the server site you can check the working status of all your vendors

† - automatically deletes from the database the vendors that no longer exist

† - a backup server can be set up to retry faulty item deliveries

† - specific configuration commands can be sent directly to the vendors from the server site

* flexibility

† - several models of vendors supplied

† - server and vendors are COPIABLE. You can have an unlimited number of them

† - vendors are MODIFIABLE.and highly CUSTOMIZABLE


* expandibility

† - constantly maintained and improbe

† - integrated with the Lindmanís QuickBuy System

† - fully integrated with the JENC - Networked Catalog System, companion application

† - many plug-in scripts (by JEVN and 3rd parties) are available separately to furtherly enhance the system features.

††† The list include (but is not limited to) the following:

††††††† > "Buy as a gift" add on for JEVN vendors

††††††† > holo rezzer scripts for JEVN vendors

††††††† > animations/sounds preview scripts for the JEVN vendors

††††††† > profit splitter plug-in script for the the JEVN server

††††††† > banning list plug-in script for the JEVN server

††††††† > item statistical reporting system

* API Support

† - provides API support for external scripts to process sale logs and vendor information


* cheap

† - JEVN offers the best costs/benefits rate

† - Buy it once and use it for ALL your business. No commissions asked or extra money to pay



* Set includes:

† - 2 JEVN servers - perm. COPY/MODIFY

† - 18 different JEVN vendors - perm. COPY/MODIFY

† - JEVN holo vendor - perm. COPY/MODIFY

† - JEVN animation vendor - perm. COPY/MODIFY

† - JEVN GVS scripts - perm. COPY/MODIFY