JEVN Networked Vendors System



This is the package of all the available add-ons for the JEVN Networked Vendors System (standard package).


The package contains the following items:


* JEVN T Vendors

  A set of fully protected, transferable JEVN vendors for affiliate programs. Set the T vendors up and distribuite them to your resellers!


* JEVN GC - Gift Card add-on

  This add on for the JEVN vendors that allow you to create your own Gift Cards and sell them to your customers. Gift cards can be redeemed at your enabled JEVN vendors


* JEVN FM - First Meta integration package

  This add on package will allow you to integrate your vendors with the First MetaCard system


* JEVN BAG - Buys as a gift add-on

  This add on for the JEVN vendors will allow people to buy items from your JEVN vendors and deliver them to someone else


* JEVN PS - The profit splitter for JEVN servers

  Ths is an add-on for the JEVN servers to split profits with your partners on server or item basis


* JEVN SR - Vendor statistical reports for JEVN servers

  Thus add-on or the JEVN servers will send you periodical reports (weekly and monthly) about the total sales of all your vendors


* JEVN BL - Banning list for JEVN servers

  This is a security add-on for the EVN servers, to prevent someone from buying your items


* JEVN Vendor Mod H

  To sell many variataons of the same basic item (hairs, for instance)


* JEVN-SLX Gateway

  To keep your SLX box automatically updated with the items on sale rom your JEVN Server


* JEVN IT - Item statistical reports

  Keeps track of your item total sale during the last 12 months



Addon Bundle